Greetings from Fifthcolour Media® Adelaide,
a team of passionate graphic designers who are delighted
to have the opportunity to collaborate with you and bring your brands vision to life.
With our unwavering commitment, we are prepared to work together to create
captivating and interactive content that will truly engage your target audience.

FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA® is a pioneering Graphic Design Agency based in Adelaide, which excels in providing top-notch ideas and concepts to enhance and amplify your brands' communication strategies. With our multidisciplinary approach,
we ensure a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

For more than two decades, FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA has been at the forefront of graphic design, revolutionising the industry with creative solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

From traditional printing and pre-press, to the latest in web design, digital design, and internet marketing, we are here to offer you the most comprehensive solutions for all of your graphic design needs.

Our team of experts is skilled in a wide range of design techniques and technologies, ensuring that we can meet your every requirement with precision and flair.

Whether you're looking for eye-catching print materials or a stunning website that captures the essence of your brand, our bold and professional approach will ensure that your design stands out from the crowd. With our expertise in both traditional and digital mediums,

we can create a cohesive visual identity that reflects your unique style and effectively communicates your message to your target audience.

We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

That's why we continually invest in the latest design tools and techniques, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

From responsive web design to search engine optimization strategies, we have the knowledge and skills to help you maximize your online presence and drive tangible results. By staying at the forefront of industry trends, we ensure that our designs are not only visually stunning but also functional and user-friendly. We believe that great design has the power to transform experiences and make a lasting impact. That's why we go above and beyond to deliver bold and innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs.


In July 2023, we implemented significant modifications to our service,
label and underwent significant transformations.

We have rebranded ourselves from 'fifthcolour' to 'fifthcolour media',
introducing a new trademark and an enhanced business strategy.

Our graphic design services have been enhanced to include a wide variety of service options.
Moreover, we have modified our domain name from fifthcolour to fifthcolourmedia,
which has become the official identification label for our services.

We have also registered our business name, 'FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA'® with ASIC,
logo, and tagline, 'INSPIRING YOUR CREATIVITY TO LIFE'®, as a trademark with IP Australia.

Since 2008, we have been grateful for your choice to select us
and have relied on us for all your graphic design requirements.

Using our comprehensive knowledge of design principles, media production skills, and technical skills, we bring these principles to life by creating high quality, creative content for a variety of media platforms, including web, screen, and print.

At FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA, we believe that creativity comes in all shapes and sizes.

We are passionate about creating the best content possible to leave a lasting impression on the people who see it.

We develop and deliver unique, clean and quality content that visually captures your business’s strategy and essence.

We know how important it is for our clients to stand out in the digital space and be successful in today's market, and that is our priority.

We specialise in using all available mass communication tools, such as online, print, and digital platforms, to make sure your message is seen, heard, and remembered by your target audience.

FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA can create a tailored, engaging, and user-friendly experience for your audience that meets your business goals.

From the first step of domain name search and registration, to the final step of website maintenance, our expert team is ready to make your vision come alive.

From websites, to landing pages and everything in between, we ensure that our work is intuitive and optimised for maximum user engagement and experience.

Lastly, to ensure the highest level of website security, we can integrate all the latest website security measures into your project.

We provide custom website design, coding and hosting, along with Search Engine Optimisation and Content Management System to make sure your website looks and performs as you would expect.

We understand the importance of staying connected, and can easily integrate your website with popular social networks, while offering Social Media Marketing solutions to help increase your online presence.

Through innovative designs, sophisticated colour schemes, and attention to detail, our team provides your brand with maximum credibility and impact.

We believe in delivering superior quality print resources to give your brand a professional look and to establish an emotional connection with your target audiences.

With an experienced team of professionals at the helm, we bring passion and precision to every print project, from corporate collateral to packaging and advertising.

When it comes to print design and prepress, you can trust FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA to create top-of-the-line print resources for your brand.

We offer a full range of design services to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

Whether it’s a poster for an upcoming event or a complex branding project, Fifth Colour Media has the experience, the skill and the expertise to turn ideas into stunning realities.

FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA has worked with a diverse range of clients, providing exceptional print design solutions to all.

From brochure and poster designing, to magazine and newspaper designing, to book cover and interior designing.

Our speciality areas also include newsletter, postcard and bookmark designing, flyer and catalogue designing, menu designing, booklet and prospectus designing, calendar designing, greeting card and invitation designing, stationery and business card designing, label and packaging designing, billboard and banner designing, outdoor signage designing, roll-up banner designing, window decals and floor graphic designing, pylon sign designing, digital signage designing, vehicle signage designing, A-Frame signage designing, apparel designing and more.

Bring your digital presence to life with our custom designed, interactive digital content solutions. We use a variety of digital platforms and formats to engage and communicate effectively with your target audiences Our team of skilled and experienced designers understands the latest digital

technologies, and how to use them to bring your vision to life.

Whether it's an animation, motion graphics, photo manipulation or graphic design, we have the creative and technical capabilities to make sure that your brand's digital content engages with your target audiences.

Our range of services cover everything from digital publishing, social media management, motion graphics to LED and billboard ads, email marketing design, digital portfolio and video production.

We understand that digital interfaces are an essential component of successful marketing campaigns and will work diligently to ensure that all your digital content looks stunning, while staying up to date with the latest trends and technology.

FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA, has been officially accredited and confirms our expertise and proficiency in digital marketing solutions by four of the most powerful and globally-renowned online advertising platforms, including Google, Microsoft, Bing and Facebook. Our mission is to deliver a positive customer experience with a perfect mix of creativity, innovation, and passion for design.

We respect and adhere to your style guide and take your brand's messaging seriously.

We make sure that your brand’s style guide is adhered to, producing the highest quality content for all your communication needs.

Not only that, but we believe in delivering top-notch services with utmost respect for your brand and its style guide.

We are committed to creating quality content at an affordable price and provide flexible services to ensure we exceed your expectations.

For businesses that are budget conscious, we have negotiable rates for our services so that everyone can have access to stunning visuals.

We work with the combination of traditional design principles and just mixing the right ratio of 'FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA MAGIC' to every project to produce vibrant, fresh, and innovative visuals that can captivate an audience like never before.

Through a clear and clean communication culture,
we will ensure that every brand reaches its full potential in its digital presence.

The term ‘FIFTHCOLOUR’ originates from the concept to use an additional colour apart from the traditional printing process colours to boost the entire design most vibrantly to the viewers. So in that sense, we chose the term 'FIFTHCOLOUR’ for our graphic design services, because our team believes that we can create visually compelling and highly engaging design concepts that will interact with the audiences on a deeper level apart from traditional design concepts.

In a digital world of continuous stimulation, FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA

is a new way to bring your vision to life. The importance of brand authenticity and delivering high-quality, impactful content that speaks to customers on a deeper level. We work with our clients to tailor-make content that resonates and makes a lasting impression.

Our in-depth understanding of social media, web design and digital marketing ensures that every brand can communicate their message and reach their customers quickly and efficiently.

We use the latest technologies
and innovative tools to develop

engaging campaigns and stories. From compelling visuals to interactive content, we bring your brand to life with powerful, cutting-edge solutions. We offer an array of services ranging from graphic design, print design, website development, digital design, video production, digital marketing and much more.

Thank you for choosing FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA for your design needs. Our team of experts is ready to assist you and create interactive content for your brand to engage your target audiences.

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Design visually engaging content that establishes a strong connection
with audiences and enhances the distinctiveness of every brand.

Ensure a positive customer experience through a seamless blend of creativity,
innovation, and a genuine passion for design.

An inclusive environment that promotes diversity,
acceptance and respect for everyone's perspectives.

Let us help you build an effective, efficient and engaging
communication culture for your brand.

Contact us today to discuss your next design project.


We empower our clients to share their unique stories
and build strong connections with their target audiences.

I highly recommend Joby and his team, FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA, as they are the ones who have produced the most professional and incredible promotional and marketing resources for World Youth Day International Youth Event in Sydney in 2008 That's part of the celebrations in Adelaide.

~ Oreste Farrugia

Adelaide Event Coordinator World Youth Day Sydney 2008.

The FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA team continues to provide innovative ideas and creative solutions to guide the successful management of our brand image on the market.

The journey we have been together since the start of our company's brand and enjoy peace of mind thanks to their care dedicated to our creative needs.

~ Suneesh Koroth

Diamper Electrical and Allied Engineering Company Pty Ltd, Perth,
Western Australia

FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA has created many attractive contents for our promotional and marketing campaigns for our global media services. We are excited to pursue our media journey with them and recommend them for creative and vital graphic design results. 

~ Catholic Media

Catholic Media Online Books and Publication Services USA | Canada 

As a small business owner, FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA Graphic Designers is recommended in Adelaide. They have created numerous resources for the marketing and promotion campaigns of our company from time to time.

~ AA The Moving Man

Adelaide, South Australia

FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA Adelaide, designed and developed our organization's website and an interactive online community forum that would serve as a virtual tower for our organization better than anything.

 We are very satisfied with their highly qualified graphic designers and their creative solutions, their professionalism and their co-operation for the success of our project.

~ Nick Kerr

Former Chair, National Association of Deacons Australia.

FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA, has designed and developed our social networking website and online forum, donbosco friends.com.
The team has proven their design and development skills and expertise in the web industry to release our private social media platform. 

~ Joyson Joseph

Admin, Don Bosco Friends
Online Community.

FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA is the most professional graphic designer in Adelaide. We were really impressed by the service they provide.

We are pleased to continue with their services and recommend FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA to anyone looking for professional graphical design and web development services.

~ Lizbal’s Café

Armada Arndale Shopping Centre Kilkenny, South Australia.

FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA Adelaide is very user-friendly, and they always listen to our needs, understand our creative needs and meet them so fast. 

~ Greenleaves Restaurant

Flinders St., Adelaide, South Australia.

I used FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA's graphic design service Adelaide several times. They are very kind, professional and full of ideas, which surprised me on a number of occasions. They have always been responsive to my needs and have been quick to provide the service. 

~ Dr John Rego

Former President, Oxford University Society, United Kingdom.

FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA is one of Adelaide's most successful graphic designers and the team has produced some truly amazing artwork for us on several occasions.
 They have always ensured the quality of their work and are extremely patient and professional in reaching the desired outcomes.

~ Gaveen George

Eparchy Media Commission,

FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA has recently designed posters, an event ticket and a promotional video for INDISCHER SPORT UND FAMILIENVEREIN EV, Frankfurt, Germany for our Golden Jubilee celebrations. We are happy with their creative spirit.


Frankfurt, Germany

FIFTHCOLOUR MEDIA Adelaide is very user-friendly, and they always listen to our needs, understand our creative needs and meet them so fast. They developed our website, menu and other promotional materials for our brand. 

~ Shanker's Authentic Cuisine

Prospect SA 5082, South Australia.

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We have been accredited to develop professional design standards.

Over a decade of professional graphic design services that have gained international recognition.